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Hurricane Irma

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Owners – Annual Membership – Will be required to activate their 12 month membership by paying a total of $1,496. Exposure is the only thing you can do to get your property Rented or Sold.  We specialize in Vacation Properties of all types with a intuitive system and brilliant website design we can ensure results. We have created a system to have season-caps so we only accept properties we can use and to make it easier for Travelers to find you property.

Owners – Pay As You Go – Will be required to activate their membership by paying total of $298 to begin. Owners will be Charged $99 per month for 6 months. First Payment of $99.00 will be charged 30 days after start date, unless a written cancellation has been submitted to Travelers Exchange Club. Submissions can be requested via ground mail address 801 International Parkway Suite 500 or email at Support@TravelersXCcom. At that point owners will no longer be charged by Travelers Exchange Club.

Travelers – We charge you nothing to join. Once you see our discounted vacation prices, we are sure you will book with us! To keep access to our partners discounted programs will be $10 per month. Again this is a monthly membership allowing you to take advantage of discounted rates our affiliates provide while you are traveling throughout the year.


Level Price  
Owners - Annual Membership $1,496.00 now. Select
Owners - Pay As You Go Plan $298.00 now and then $99.00 per Month. Select
Travelers $0.00 now and then $10.00 per Month. Select



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